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Improving ICUMSA color of sugar by use of Sucrolor
Product Introduction:
ICUMSA color of sugar is being accepted as norm for marketing of sugar and dextran content is another parameter. Sugar having low ICUMSA color and low dextran do obtain better price and market. There are various ways to improve sugar quality like using decolorizing / bleaching agents, using flocculating agents and use of syrup clarification system.
Use of decolorizing / bleaching agents reduces sugar color temporarily and color reappears after some time
Flocculating agents improves color of clear juice but are unable to yield effects in sugar and not much improvements in sugar quality is observed. Syrup Clarification system is being projected as best technology and reduces sugar color by around 10 – 15% However this system requires higher capital investment, requires power for operation, requires higher quantity of specialized chemicals and there is loss of sugar. Thus syrup clarification system may not be economical
Sucrolor is new technology working on different principle for reduction of sugar color and dextran as well. Sucrolor is polymer of natural organic molecule that reduces affinity of impurities like coloring matter and dextran to sugar, thus lesser amount of impurities are transferred to sugar crystals and thus Sucrolor gives more than 15% permanent reduction in color and dextran content of sugar. Use of Sucrolor does not require installation of any equipment and use of any other chemicals besides there are no sugar losses and hidden costs. Thus Sucrolor is most economical and effective method of improving sugar quality.
Color: Pale straw, viscous liquid polymer
Odor: Typical, low smell
pH as is: 7.5+-2
Specific Gravity: 1.0+-0.05
Dose: 10 ppm at Sulfur Juice Tank
Product Specifications:
Particulars   Syrup Clarification   Sucrolor
Capital investment   About Rs. 80 lacks   Not required
Power   Required   Not needed
Flexibility   No   Flexible
Man Power   Required extra   Not needed
Maintenance   Required   Not needed
ICUMSA color reduction   About 15% or less   More than 15%
Sugar losses   About 0.2%   Nil
Reduction in dextran   Some   More than 15%
Monitoring   Essential as it is complex procedure,use chemicals like phosphoric acid, flocculants etc.   Simple, dosing required quantity in sulfated juice tank.
Total Cost
(Including Chemical Cost)
  About Rs.10 per bag   Less than Rs.3.50 per bag, even at 10 ppm dose.
Application of Sucrolor:
Point of Application : Sulfur juice tank
Dose : 10 ppm ( 100 kg per day for 10000 TCD.)
Sample Collection : Collect 2 hourly composite sample of sugar.
Analysis : Analyze for ICUMSA color by GS7 / 9 Method.(pH-7)
{It will take approximately 3 days to impart complete influence of SUCROLOR on sugar color. Thus readings of 4th day onward shall be treated as “ test sample". }
Expected Results:
There will be at least 15 % reduction in ICCUMSA color and dextran content of sugar as compared with that on day 0/1.

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